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4 Ways to Take Better Photos for Your Blog

Stock photos can be a convenient, appealing choice when it comes to images for your blog, but using them exclusively can lead to your blog posts looking a bit generic – and even worse, you could end up using photos that have already been used several times before by other bloggers and website owners. So, to really make your blog stand out from the crowd, it’s a wise idea to invest your time into taking photographs of your own. This will ensure that the images you use are unique to you and create an interesting focal point for each post. Here, we’ve put together some top tips and tricks to help you get the best photos for your blog.

#1. Create an Image Template:

If you’re going to take photos to create branded graphics for your site and social media pages, it’s important to know exactly what you’re going to be doing with the photo before you take it. The last thing that you want is to take an awesome photo, only to find that your logo is covering a key part of the image, or your social media icons are creating an eyesore rather than adding interest. If you’re doing this, one good tip is to explore some stock photos and play around with them so you get a better idea of the type of photos that you will need. Or, you can take your own photos and create branded graphics with them, to see what works best.

#2. Photograph During the Day:

There’s nothing like natural sunlight when it comes to photography. Even if you have a professional lighting set-up it’s always a better idea to take photographs during the day as often as possible, unless of course you are aiming for a genuine night scene. If you’re trying to take budget photos and want to avoid investing in a DSLR or professional lighting kit, then sunlight is going to be your best friend. If you’re photographing inside, place the subject near a window, but away from the direct light. If you’re going outside to take photographs, time it right – the sun is less harsh in the morning and early evening, which makes for great lighting.

#3. Look for Subjects with Your Brand Colours:

There are several subtle ways to include your branding in the photographs that you take for your blog, without having to emblazon your logo over the photo. One great idea is to look for subjects that include your brand colours when you are out and about – bonus points if they are relevant to the subjects and topics that you’re writing about in your blog posts. This could be anything from fashion items that you see when shopping, to cars, nature and even animals! If something includes your brand colours and will fill naturally on your blog site, then photograph it anyway – you never know when you might need that snap.

#4. Take a Short Course:

Last but not least, it’s a great idea to invest in your education – whether you focus solely on photography or study for a business course that covers taking photos for your business website or blog. Check out this website with Tony Robbins revealing how to launch a business mastermind with Knowledge Business Blueprint; covering a wide range of business topics.

If you found these tips helpful, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

5 ways to get the perfect selfie

Capturing pictures is the perfect way of making memories. Everyone is crazy about pictures these days. It is safe to say that people are more obsessed with selfies. It is impossible for one of our not know the meaning of the word Selfie. For the those who don’t, it is basically taking pictures of yourself. How to take a good selfie? The perfect one? Here’s how

Lightning is Important 
Lighting is everything in every picture. Make sure you have enough of natural light in your picture. Spare yourself from editing the pictures using apps and softwares. It is a pain. Natural light looks the best on any pictures and is better then any artificial colours and edits. It doesn’t matter if you have a good camera or not. All you need is enough lighting and a perfect environment.

Know when to use flash 
Many phones don’t have a flash option for front facing camera. So what would you do when you are in a dark environment? How would you click a selfie? Some apps like Snapchat have an option on their top right, which enable front facing flash. On enabling it, it bursts a bubble of white light on your face which does destroy the picture as it causes grains to appear. But at least your face is visible.


You have got to smile like you mean it. Don’t make a grin face. Don’t make I book like you’re being forced to pose for it. Always smile like you are genuinely happy to see the camera. Actually, you should go with the situation. Pose crazy, if you’re going crazy.

Don’t over-edit 
Make sure that your selfie does not look unnatural. However, if you edit your picture too much, you might end up creating something unnatural. Only touch up on the required areas. Even if you are using a filter, use it at minimum capacity.

Don’t overdo it
Don’t try too hard to get a good selfie. It’s all about capturing a moment and you can only do so when you naturally feel like clicking a picture. The selfies are those who come naturally to you. It’s better if you don’t work too hard for it.

These are some helpful ways to get good selfies and you can follow these to get good pictures. There are countless other ways too, which you can explore. Happy clicking!

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